Y2038.com: Information and Help with Y2038

Y2038.com provides information and help with Y2038, an issue due to a limitation of the maximum number of seconds (relative to Jan 1, 1970) that can be represented in a 32-bit signed integer. The rollover will occur on Jan 19, 2038, 3:14:07AM GMT, although some problems may occur before then. Please see our FAQ for more details on the issue.

Y2038.com provides free information about the issue itself and advice on assessment and mitigation. Y2038.com also offers premium Y2038-related services, including general consultation, contract labor for help with assessment and mitigation, and training.

We also help with other computer date issues, such as the NTP issue in 2036 (Y2036), the Mac OS date rollover issue in 2040 (Y2040), and the IBM z/OS date rollover issue in 2042 (Y2042).

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ALERT! As of Jan 19, 2018, the time remaining before the main Y2038 event is less than 20 years. Some software may have failed on Jan 19, 2018 because of this. For example 20-year forecasting software may have failed in unpredictable ways on or after Jan 19, 2018. Contact us today to help with your Y2038 issues.