Testing and Certification Services

Once you have fixed Y2038 issues, how do you prove to your customers that the issues are really fixed? One way is to seek Y2038 certification. In some cases, there may be governmental regulations, quality audit requirements (e.g. ISO9001), or stakeholder obligations behind the need for such certifications.

Currently, no independent Y2038 certification program or organization exists. We are evaluating avenues of how to help establish such a program. Once available, we will offer certification via that program.

Until an independent Y2038 certification program is available, Y2038.com offers its own Certification of Y2038 Compliance. In order for a system or product to obtain our certification, Y2038.com staff must directly perform the testing. We document the test procedure followed and the test results, and provide a test report, and the Certificate of Y2038 Compliance if testing is successful. We generally test well beyond Y2038 and specify in the test report and on the compliance certificate how far in the future the system was verified to work without any date-related issues.