How is Y2038 related to Y2K?

Both Y2038 and Y2K are time-related issues, but Y2K refers to the easily understood issue of the rollover from 1999 to 2000, whereas Y2038 is an issue with the binary representation of time itself. All software in which Y2K caused issues will also be affected by Y2038. Y2K was expensive and time-consuming to mitigate, and Y2038 will be as well. Unfortunately, most Y2K issues were addressed without fixing Y2038 issues. Any software that was certified for Y2K (and still in use in 2038) will need to be re-certified for Y2038-compliance. Like Y2K, all mission-critical systems will need to be certified as Y2038-compliant, particularly those involved with public safety, even systems that are comprised of 64-bit CPUs running 64-bit operating systems with 64-bit applications.

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