What are the major technical areas in which Y2038 issues may exist?

Potential issues exist anywhere that a 32-bit signed time value may be used. These include (but not limited to):
-Computer hardware, particularly systems with 32-bit CPUs
-Internal and external peripheral components
-Operating systems, particularly those targeting 32-bit CPUs or supporting 32-bit applications
-File systems
-Device drivers, particularly those targeting 32-bit hardware and operating systems
-Application software
-Development tools
-Web-based applications and web content
-Computer bus and communication protocols
-Communication and networking equipment (satellites, routers, switches, etc),
-Mobile electronics, including smart phones, feature phones, tablets, netbooks PDAs, GPS, etc.
-Transportation systems, such as aircraft, automobiles, ships, elevators, traffic lights, etc.
-Home electronics, such as TVs, stereos, game consoles, security systems, sprinkler systems, etc.
-Other embedded systems, such as medical devices, industrial equipment, cash registers, test equipment, etc.

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Author: John Lange

Owner of y2038.com