Y2038.com is headed by John Lange. Mr. Lange has a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Since the mid-’80s, he has worked in the software industry for companies including Radian Corp (now URS Corp), Applied Materials, VMETRO/Curtiss Wright, Qualcomm, and Trendium/JDSU/Viavi Solutions. Mr. Lange is a member of IEEE, PMI, and Scrum Alliance, and is a Certified Scrum Master.

Mr. Lange became interested in computer time-related issues in the late ‘90s partly springing from his involvement in Y2K mitigation. He realized that Y2038 would be a much more significant issue than Y2K, and that most of the mitigation efforts for Y2K did not address Y2038. Mr. Lange launched Y2038.com in 2000.