Training Services

Let’s say you have decided that you will use your in-house developers to address some Y2038 issues. Do they understand the issues? Are they aware of all the things they need to look for and how to address the issues? If they don’t, one solution is to provide them with some training.

As another example, let’s say you are a CEO or CFO who realizes there may be significant risk from Y2038 issues, but your Board of Directors generally aren’t technical and don’t understand the problem, much less the risks. Some of them will likely compare Y2038 to Y2K and (incorrectly) assume that since Y2K came and went without major calamity, Y2038 will also be a non-issue. Some also may not care about Y2038 because it is so far off, even though starting to consider Y2038 now could potentially save the company many millions of dollars and give the company a competitive advantage. can help. We offer on-site or web-based presentations and/or training classes for audiences from Boards of Directors to development teams.